Free Demo Every Day!

We believe so strongly that Virtual Reality (VR) is better than you can ever imagine, we offer a short demonstration to all new players. The 2D pictures you have seen, the phone viewers and the department store viewers are just toys. We offer the highest level of fully interactive immersive VR. Let us prove it!

Single Player Pricing

Individual gamer rates. Pricing is per booth, per person. Play as many games as you want for as long as you want. We now offer multi-player games that can be played in co-op between the booths or in online groups. The following prices have tax included.

20 Minutes$151
40 Minutes$251
1 Hour$351
1 Hour 20 Min$451
1 Hour 40 Min$551
2 Hours$651

Individual gamer rates are on a first come first serve basis. Swing by and Game ON!

Shared Time Booth Pricing

Great for a few friends or a family that wants to share time and enjoy time together. Pricing is per booth, not per person or per game. No limit to attendees, the numbers below are suggestions on how many players to get adequate play time per person.  We encourage group/family play. The following prices have tax included.

TimePriceSuggested #
of Players
40 Minutes$302-4
1 Hour$402-4
1 Hour 20 Min$502-4
1 Hour 40 Min$602-4
2 Hours$702-4

You can book Shared booth time on-line, Click HERE to schedule!

Multiple booth Event Pricing

Parties, Birthdays, or Special Events. Rent 2 or more booths (up to 4 Booths) and host your party with Level 8 VR! No limit to attendees, the numbers below are suggestions on how many players to get adequate play time per person. We have a separate party room to utilize, free of charge and you are more than welcome to bring in food, drinks, and decorate to make our space perfect for your group. 

Time2 Booths2 Booths
Suggested #
of Players
3 Booths3 Booths
Suggested #
of Players
4 Booths4 Booths
Suggested #
of Players
1 Hour$602-6$903-9$1204-12
1 Hour 20 Min$802-8$1203-12$1604-16
1 Hour 40 Min$1002-8$1503-12$2004-16
2 Hours$1202-8$1802-12$2404-16

You can book Mulit booth time on-line, Click HERE to schedule!

To book Parties, Birthdays, or Special Events via our Multi-booth pricing, please Email us when and we’ll get you set up!

Click this picture for a short video on our pricing

Gift Cards for that perfect person

This is our digital Gift Card. Follow the link and you’re able to add money to an electronic card that can be shared with anyone. It can be used for any type of Virtual Reality play (single, shared, multi) at check out in the shop

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